Best Cure For Premature Ejaculation – Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates early during sexual intercourse. On average a man should last for 5 to 7 minutes during sex, but not many men can last this long with some men lasting for only two minutes. This can have a negative impact on a relationship since one partner will be left unsatisfied. Knowing best cure for premature ejaculation is the key to getting rid of this condition.

Natural remedies for premature ejaculation

Masturbation before sex is considered one of the best cure for premature ejaculation. The male should masturbate at least one hour before sex in order to reduce sensitivity during sex. This is also a great way to reduce sexual appetite to help the man last longer during sex.

Extend time for foreplay
Foreplay has been shown to increase the time it takes before a man can ejaculate. You should therefore take your time to stimulate each other before sex.

Stop exercise
Men who ejaculate early can learn self control by stopping every time they near ejaculation. The man can remove his penis from the woman and wait until the pre-orgasm feelings subside to start again. This exercise should be repeated several times until both parties are ready to orgasm. One will also need the cooperation of the other partner since she may not understand what is going on if you keep stopping after every two minutes. You can use the resting period to cuddle and kiss to retain the mood.

Squeeze the penis
You can top premature ejaculation by squeezing the penis every time you feel like ejaculating. Get the penis out and squeeze it at the base for approximately 30 seconds. Uncircumcised men can pull the foreskin back and squeeze the gland until the urge to ejaculate is over. This is going to keep off ejaculation and you can continue until you are ready to release it. You will need to repeat the exercise several times until you and your partner are ready.

Stop premature ejaculation with exercises
The reason most men have premature ejaculation is because they are anxious and breathing during exercise is a best cure for premature ejaculation. One can get rid of anxiety by breathing heavily before and during sex. This is going to improve blood flow and help you to last long. Kegel exercises are another great option to get rid of premature ejaculation. You can do this when urinating to help you identify the pelvic muscle. Try to hold the urine for 5 seconds and then release it. This exercise should be repeated several times until the person learns to control the pelvic muscle during sex.

Think about something else other than sex
You can stop premature ejaculation by thinking about something not related to sex during sex. For instance, thinking about a base ball game or doing the laundry can help you to last long. The more you can distract yourself from sexual thoughts, the more you can increase your lasting power without losing your erection.

Use desensitizers
The man can use a condom to reduce sensitivity during intercourse. Wearing a condom during sex can reduce direct stimulation, while at the same time ensuring one is getting enough stimulation. There are some condoms which are thick enough to help you last long enough to satisfy your partner and they are available over-the-counter.

Change sex position
Look for positions which provide less stimulation during sex. One of these positions is to let the woman lie on the top or the missionary style where the man is lying on top of the woman. These positions give the man more control and he can control speed and penetration. Keep changing positions after every two minutes to increase your lasting power.

Herbs to cure premature ejaculation
Clove is one of the best cures for premature ejaculation. You should drink clove tea two times every day until your symptoms improve. Other herbs to cure premature which can be sued include white onions, asparagus milk, passion flower and wild yam.

Men suffering from premature ejaculation can have problems in their relationships. The man can feel unworthy and this is going leave him depressed. This condition is curable through medications such as antidepressants, penile construction and creams. However, home remedies such are best cure for premature ejaculation because they do not have side effects.

Stop Premature Ejaculation Today With These 3 Proven and Effective Strategies

“How do I stop premature ejaculation?” That is a question common among men who want to improve their sexual stamina. It’s, sadly, something that many men feel less of a man about. Premature ejaculation isn’t a problem you have to live with for a lifetime, it can actually be stopped. For men experiencing premature ejaculation they need to use pills, portions and sprays to cure the problem, right? Before you start using these medications, you must be aware that they are only temporary quick fixes that don’t provide permanent solution. Worst still, is the fact that most of these medications are known to have side-effect like skin irritation, reduction of arousal sensitivity etc. Read on to discover 3 powerful tips that work better than these medications and provides permanent solution to early ejaculation problem.

#1 – Switch up your routines:

If you want to improve your staying power in bed, you must know when to stop. I know this is easier said than done, you just have to practice it. This is because sometimes, you might get overly excited by the stimulation. If you want to satisfy her sexually, discontinue all movement before reaching the point of no return. The fact is that, the moment you get to the point of no return, it will be absolutely impossible to stop ejaculation regardless of how hard you try. Therefore, you must remove your penis before reaching that point and begin performing oral sex on your partner.

#2 – Breath Control:

Another way to improve your sexual stamina is to control your breathing. You need to take in deep breaths once in a while. This will help you focus on your breathing rather than on the pleasurable sensations when having sex. As you continue to put this into practice, you will be able to last longer in bed.

#3 – Focus on her instead:

The fact is that, you want to stop premature ejaculation in order to satisfy her in bed. If you want to fulfill your partner sexually, you need to focus on satisfying her first. Perform some foreplay or oral sex on her. Explore her erogenous zone with your hands. Some woman can reach an orgasm even with foreplay or oral sex.

Is premature ejaculation permanent? Well, if you must know, early ejaculation can be stop by performing certain exercises that will enable you to boost your staying power during sex. An example of an exercise to help you last longer during sex is cognitive exercise. Another effective exercise that has been proven to prevent premature ejaculation is PC contraction.

Remember, premature ejaculation doesn’t have to make you embarrassed and frustrated. The problem can be reversed for good. What you should do is to take time out to perform specific exercises, and in no time you would begin satisfying your partner in bed.

You don’t need to worry about your inability to last long in bed. Over 40 percent of men experience this condition, so you’re not alone. The tips revealed above can help to boost your staying power in bed and thus making you sexually confident.

Many men have faced the issue of premature ejaculation at one point or another in their lives and were able to resolve the problem. There are steps you can take to last longer in bed and be able to give her an amazing sex that she will be thankful for.

You can get past the problem of early ejaculation and be able to permanently control premature ejaculation. Put the two tips above into practice and you will be amazed how soon you will be able to beat premature ejaculation.

Easy Treatments for Premature Ejaculation To End Your Nightmare NOW!

To be able to last longer in bed has been a dream for most men. In fact this problem has turned into nightmare for most men. The embarrassment they have to face is unbearable. Getting the right treatments for premature ejaculation could end your nightmare forever.

If you have been shopping around for the solution to this issue, you would recognise that many claim to know the exact treatments for premature ejaculation. However, in actual fact, nobody really knows the right way to prevent early ejaculation.

That is why while there are so many treatments for premature ejaculation available in the market, the number of men who suffer from premature ejaculation is not reduced proportionately. This has caused unwanted nightmares for most men, there is even believe that it could not be cured.

To end your poor ejaculatory control nightmare, it is of utmost importance for you to seek the right treatments for premature ejaculation. Otherwise, all your effort would go wasted.

There are various methods to end this nightmare. Let me share with you some of them. Here are the right ways on treatments for premature ejaculation.

1st Treatment: Masturbation

You may have known that masturbation can help to prevent premature ejaculation. But what exactly is the right way to masturbate to stop early ejaculation?

First, always use a lubricant when you masturbate. If your purpose of masturbating is to help you last longer in bed, then you have to make the masturbation experience as real as possible. This is to enable your penis to adapt to the real condition when it is inside the vagina. That is why you must use lubricant when you masturbate as that will stimulate the real vagina environment.

Second, do not rush through your masturbation. Take it slowly. Masturbate until you feel that you are close to a climax. When you are close to ejaculation, you need to stop masturbating immediately. Calm yourself down. Only resume the masturbation when you feel less stimulated and more in control. Repeat this “start and stop” pattern for a few times before allowing yourself to ejaculate.

Masturbation is one of the most effective treatments for premature ejaculation. The right masturbation exercise would help you to control your arousal level and ejaculatory ability.

2nd Treatment: Sexual Positions

The right sexual positions can help to prevent premature ejaculation.

The best sexual position which could help you to last longer in bed is the “female-rider” position. This is where the female partner mounts on top of you with her face facing you while having sex. This position is one of the best treatments for premature ejaculation. It allows your partner to take charge completely of the stimulation. You need not worry about pleasing her. She’s happy up there herself!

The whole point is that this position allows you to relax, thus enabling you to better control your arousal and ejaculation. Another great sexual position that you could try is by having the reverse position of the above “female-rider” position. This is where the female partner mounts on top of you, but with her face facing up and her back facing you. This position is similar to the female-rider position, it allows you to relax and your partner to take full control of the sexual process.

You can also try the “front to back” position. This is where your partner lie on your side with your partner’s back facing you. Her hips should be pressed against your groin and you can penetrate her from behind. This position reduces the stress and tension on your arms and legs. You would also be able to control the speed, intensity and depth of the thrusting to prevent premature ejaculation. When you feel overly excited, you can always lean over to kiss your partner or caress her breasts. This helps to distract you from the pent-up stimulation as you are focusing on your partner instead.

The above are some treatments for premature ejaculation that have been proven to work perfectly well. Normally, you will find difficulty when first attempting the above techniques. So, to end early ejaculation nightmare, you should acquire the right knowledge first and do not be afraid to explore the recommended techniques.