Easy Treatments for Premature Ejaculation To End Your Nightmare NOW!

To be able to last longer in bed has been a dream for most men. In fact this problem has turned into nightmare for most men. The embarrassment they have to face is unbearable. Getting the right treatments for premature ejaculation could end your nightmare forever.

If you have been shopping around for the solution to this issue, you would recognise that many claim to know the exact treatments for premature ejaculation. However, in actual fact, nobody really knows the right way to prevent early ejaculation.

That is why while there are so many treatments for premature ejaculation available in the market, the number of men who suffer from premature ejaculation is not reduced proportionately. This has caused unwanted nightmares for most men, there is even believe that it could not be cured.

To end your poor ejaculatory control nightmare, it is of utmost importance for you to seek the right treatments for premature ejaculation. Otherwise, all your effort would go wasted.

There are various methods to end this nightmare. Let me share with you some of them. Here are the right ways on treatments for premature ejaculation.

1st Treatment: Masturbation

You may have known that masturbation can help to prevent premature ejaculation. But what exactly is the right way to masturbate to stop early ejaculation?

First, always use a lubricant when you masturbate. If your purpose of masturbating is to help you last longer in bed, then you have to make the masturbation experience as real as possible. This is to enable your penis to adapt to the real condition when it is inside the vagina. That is why you must use lubricant when you masturbate as that will stimulate the real vagina environment.

Second, do not rush through your masturbation. Take it slowly. Masturbate until you feel that you are close to a climax. When you are close to ejaculation, you need to stop masturbating immediately. Calm yourself down. Only resume the masturbation when you feel less stimulated and more in control. Repeat this “start and stop” pattern for a few times before allowing yourself to ejaculate.

Masturbation is one of the most effective treatments for premature ejaculation. The right masturbation exercise would help you to control your arousal level and ejaculatory ability.

2nd Treatment: Sexual Positions

The right sexual positions can help to prevent premature ejaculation.

The best sexual position which could help you to last longer in bed is the “female-rider” position. This is where the female partner mounts on top of you with her face facing you while having sex. This position is one of the best treatments for premature ejaculation. It allows your partner to take charge completely of the stimulation. You need not worry about pleasing her. She’s happy up there herself!

The whole point is that this position allows you to relax, thus enabling you to better control your arousal and ejaculation. Another great sexual position that you could try is by having the reverse position of the above “female-rider” position. This is where the female partner mounts on top of you, but with her face facing up and her back facing you. This position is similar to the female-rider position, it allows you to relax and your partner to take full control of the sexual process.

You can also try the “front to back” position. This is where your partner lie on your side with your partner’s back facing you. Her hips should be pressed against your groin and you can penetrate her from behind. This position reduces the stress and tension on your arms and legs. You would also be able to control the speed, intensity and depth of the thrusting to prevent premature ejaculation. When you feel overly excited, you can always lean over to kiss your partner or caress her breasts. This helps to distract you from the pent-up stimulation as you are focusing on your partner instead.

The above are some treatments for premature ejaculation that have been proven to work perfectly well. Normally, you will find difficulty when first attempting the above techniques. So, to end early ejaculation nightmare, you should acquire the right knowledge first and do not be afraid to explore the recommended techniques.

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